Rainbow Surfaces

Only the softest of landings with Rainbow Play safety surfacing

For commercial or residential use we have a whole host of solutions to meet your surfacing needs. For a virtually maintenance free solution check out the amazing Softbond rubber surface or for a more rustic feel in the garden try using our play grade, wood chips with a softwood sleeper surround. 

From the ‘its already there’ grass, through to wood chip, shredded rubber, bonded rubber, grass mats and even artificial grass you can be sure that whatever the choice, they will all have their strengths and weaknesses.

If covering the entire play area with a safety surface you will need to note that the play system footprint plus an additional 2m safety area needs to be laid. The perimeter will also need to have a border or framework to ensure the surfacing is neatly kept within the safety zone.

Suggestions for the border might be, gravel board, half log rolls (found in garden centres), oak sleepers or even specially designed rubber kerbstones.

Surfacing comparisons

Grass surface

Lowest cost option for climbing frames in lawned Gardens

Least durable option as heavy traffic areas can end up as bear earth

Can be difficult and time consuming to mow and you need to strim around the play structure, which can cause damage if made from wood

It can sometimes be used in commercial playgrounds as a safety surface for fall heights up to 1.5m

Grass mats surface

Either laid over the entire play area or in high traffic areas such as the end of slides, under swings and frame access points

Mats are 1m x 1.5m in size and are made from black honey combed rubber

Can be easily laid

Grass grows through the mats and can mowed about the surface of the mat

Mowing and strimming will still remain a challenge and damage to wooden play structures can result if not done properly

Wood chip bark surface

Reasonably cost effective and easy to install surfacing which retains a natural look

Can require more maintenance as raking will be required in high traffic areas due to the displacement of chips during play

Natural and bio-degradable but has a limited life span and will require topping up at regular intervals over the years

As a loose surface it may be attractive to wildlife which may leave small deposits

Requires some form of surround to retain the bark as it is a loose surface.

After time it can become dirty to play in when wet.

Shredded rubber surface

Good long term and cost effective surfacing investment

Durable and long lasting it does not break down like wood chip or play bark

Eco Friendly, made from recycled forklift truck tyres and manufactured to look like wood bark

It comes in a variety of colours

Requires some form of surround to retain the rubber as it is a loose surface

Remains clean

Wetpour softbounds surface

A permanent solution with minimal maintenance required

A combination of Shredded rubber and a binding agent, mixed and laid to the play area ensuring there is no displacement

Levels of safety are maintained all year round

Allows easy clearance of leaves and natural debris

More expensive than other solutions but the advantages an outweight the extra cost

Artificial grass

A very durable and long lasting surface which retains the natural look of grass

Green all year round requiring minimal maintenance

Comes in different shades and lengths all of which add to the realism of the surface area

Proper preparation is required prior to laying

Allows easy clearance of leaves and natural debris