Playhouses Accessories

Classic Kitchen
Bon Appétit! Our Vintage Kitchen in Red, White or Pink lets kids pretend th..

£211 Ex Tax: £176

Little Artists Easel
Our Wooden Adjustable Easel is the perfect gift for the young artists in yo..

£143 Ex Tax: £119

Little Princess Vanity table & Chair
Every young girl needs her very own vanity! Our Little princess Vanity & Ch..

£253 Ex Tax: £210

Miny Chef's Food Pack
Who’s hungry? This adorable pretend food play set is sure to keep kids’ ima..

£42 Ex Tax: £35

New England Kettle
Warm drinks coming right up! Our Prairie Kettle is perfect for hosting impo..

£42 Ex Tax: £35

New England Kitchen
It’s time to cook up a feast for the whole family! Any young, imaginative c..

£196 Ex Tax: £163

New England Toaster
With our Prairie Toaster, kids can cook up some real fun without any help f..

£42 Ex Tax: £35

Oxford Corner Kitchen
Playing with our Oxford Corner Kitchen will make any kid feel like a world-..

£274 Ex Tax: £228

Square Table and Chair Set
Every child needs their own workspace. Our Square Table and 2 Chair Set is ..

£122 Ex Tax: £102

Storage Table and Chair Set
Our Storage Table & 2 Chair Set with Pastel is a perfect place for creative..

£144 Ex Tax: £120

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