Charity Work

Its all about helping others.


As cheesy as it sounds it really does make you feel good when you do something to help another.


No ties, just because you want too!

In 2013 we started to think (well Nick did) that it would be very rewarding if we supported a charity that would benefit from our products, after much research and being completely over whelmed by all the different children charities in the UK we heard of a book written by a 13 year old boy, Naoki Higashida and his story about living with Autism as a child, The reason I jump.

From that moment we knew that we wanted to support an Autistic charity.

Autistica, was part of a huge global charity Autism Speaks but decided to concentrate on direct research in the UK.

Autistica funds medical research to understand the causes of autism, improve diagnosis, and develop new treatments and interventions. They are the UK's leading autism medical research charity, and they are committed to funding translational research that will make a difference to people's lives.

They have funded leading scientists across the UK in areas of genetic, behavioural, and neurological research to explore early diagnosis, interventions, and the biological basis of autism. 

Funding fellowships to attract young scientists to the field, a brain tissue bank at Oxford, and ASD-UK, a research database for families who want to take part and learn more about research.

The plan is to support and help where we can, we are going to give away several trampolines to deserving families, donate a trampoline to a research centre, provide a trampoline to be auctioned at their major fund raising event, organise and run an autism friendly event at our show site as well as supporting them through the year by donating a percentage of our trampoline sales.

So much to look forward to in 2014, we can’t wait to start being do gooders!


BBC Children in Need

We have been honoured to support this wonderful charity by being part of the Carfest team. We supplied and staffed 3 trampolines at Carfest South for kids and big kids to bounce on until their hearts were content!

Running different competitions throughout the weekend for all to be involved!
Great fun and a wonderful event.

Children in Need