About Us

Welcome to Rainbow,


Sharing the fun since 1996 we are still excited to supply the finest outdoor play equipment in the UK.

Come and see what we have on offer, from the World’s safest trampoline to incredible climbing frames, super cute hideouts and essential safety surfacing.

We are one of the few outdoor play companies left who are happy to display our products for you and your kids to try.

So pack up the family and come and visit one of our three show sites across the UK, where your children can run, climb, bounce and play whilst you get to see our innovative and trusted craftsmanship at first hand.

The secret of our success is selling play equipment that grows as your kids grow, giving them endless fun for many years. 

There are also hundreds of accessories to choose from, so that’s Christmas and Birthdays taken care of!

Our aim is to supply the best childhood memories money can buy. Ok we might be a little bit biased but we are really passionate about what we do.

Our experienced customer service team will look after you through every step of your purchase offering you the advice you need, when you need it.

However please be warned that not everyone is like Rainbow. There are loads of ‘EL Cheapo’ alternatives out there, and I mean loads, but they are cheap for a reason.

They are not found on display so unfortunately you can’t see them until it’s too late and you have already bought it!

We just want to sell great quality play equipment that your children can enjoy and remember for the rest of their lives.

Get in touch if you want to found out more about what, when, where & how…

All the Best.

Nick sign